Curbs and Gutters


How do I put in curbs and gutters? Curbs and Gutters typically take up two feet, sometimes on four sides of a road…on the outside of the outside lanes and on the insides of the inside lanes. How do I show them in the diagrams?


This would be really helpful - similar to showing a buffer, being able to show the curb and gutter. I read in another post that the curb is usually assumed, but doing so makes the lane width seem wider than it is… to have it called out as 10 ft travel, 2 ft curb/gutter, 2 ft buffer, 6 ft sidewalk (for example) would be really, really helpful.

Thank you!!


I agree that it is a bad idea to assume the curb and gutter because:

  1. It confuses things. A standard 12’ lane would be shown as a 14’ lane. But many people would think you are talking about an actual 14’ wide curb lane.
  2. Curbs and gutters can vary in width. Assuming 2 feet for them can be a mistake.
  3. Then, there are gutter pan bike lanes, where the bike lane is the gutter.

I hate to bear bad news but Streetmix should allow for gutters to be described separately.

mike lasche


Hey Mike and Jennifer,

Thanks for bringing this up on the forums online! This is a great request, and others have been wanting it too (you are not alone). I completely agree and would love to add it as a feature.

Unfortunately, we do not have any paid staff and are volunteers supporting Streetmix in our spare time. Are you or anyone you know familiar with Javascript coding at all? We have a github page and would love for you to participate and invite others to as well!

Thanks again for bringing this important issue up and helping improve Streetmix. Please keep posting ideas you have to the forums here, and once we have the resources to complete them we’ll be on it! And if you would like to contribute in any way or have any skills you think could be valuable, please post about that too!



Dear Trey,

Thanks for responding. It is great to hear from “upper management” and to know that Jennifer and I are not just shouting into the void and only hearing our echoes. I understand your point and sympathize. Unfortunately, I am not a Java geek. Even if I could find one, would you really be open to opening up your website code to someone I find? Whatever, I appreciate the fact that we are all doing the best we can.



Hey @mikelbikel -

Yes, you’re definitely not shouting into a void! We’re in an unfortunate situation where we have tons of requests and ideas (which is great) but don’t have the manpower/funds to implement them.

Since we’re an open source project, our code is publicly available in realtime at

If someone that knows Javascript is interested, they can freely download a copy of the code and play around with it if they’d like. A Dutch planning firm actually recently made their own clone of Streetmix:

So open source is great in that it opens code up and allows for innovation and spontaneous creativity, but unfortunately we don’t have funding or resources like a software giant would. With that said, in the open source model interested people can get involved and make a difference! I got involved with Streetmix just last year, and if you like the app I encourage you to as well :slight_smile: There is a Slack chat channel that you should join here:

So sorry I don’t have an immediate fix to your issue, but it’s great that you’re interested and I hope to see you and any friends on Slack! Let me know if I can answer any more of your questions.

Take care,