Do you have a feature request? Streetmix needs your support!


Hello! I’m glad people are posting requests and feedback to our forums here. I’d like to take this opportunity to let everyone know how we might get some of these requests taken care of.

Streetmix is a community-supported project. Unlike other “free” services on the Internet, we do not show ads or inject trackers that abuse your privacy. Instead, we depend on your support to keep Streetmix up and running.

Support can take many different forms. For example, as an open-source project, we can work together on accepting code contributions. We also have much more than code work: new illustrations, translations, and even just being here and talking to each other all strengthen our community.

We can also take your money. Especially if you’re using Streetmix professionally, please consider supporting us with a one-time or recurring donation. Your financial contribution will pay for our servers and cloud infrastructure, and will in turn support other non-profits, advocacy groups, and students working to improve our streets.

And, most importantly, any additional revenue will be invested into further development of new features. Our expenses are completely transparent, so you can see exactly how your contributions are used by the Streetmix team. Our goal is to support a full-time staff eventually, whether that is through donations, or through paid accounts in the future.

To donate, please go here:

Thank you, and please keep the feedback coming. We want to know how to make Streetmix better for everyone.



This is a great tool… it would be great to be able to add sidewalk dining/cafes with guidance on appropriate widths.


Hey @Josh,

That would be an awesome feature to have! Great idea!!!

Are you or anyone you know familiar with Javascript coding at all? If you take initiative and spearhead the effort, this feature will get implemented much more quickly. Here are a few resources I recommend taking a look at if you haven’t already: --> where the code is and where changes are made --> join the Slack channel to talk to more Streetmix community members and get people to help you

Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions and keep posting ideas on the forums!



would anyone else be interested in seeing monorail in streetmix?