Feedback from Germany


Hi streetmix team

first of all: I really love your tool for designing street layouts. That’s why we want to use it in a professional context, in our very own inhouse workflow but also for communication and in participation processes.

So here are some remarks and suggestions which would help us to use streemix even more.

  • In Germany (where we are from) Twitter doesn’t have a positive connotation in a professional context. I wouldn’t dare to propose Streetmix to people on a public meeting if Twitter registration is required to save drafts. A particular registration to Streetmix would be great because the saving feature is important.
  • English language is a problem for the public we want to reach. A solution would fix the problem, where we can edit the text of each element by ourselves. That is helpful even to address several target groups (with/without technical terms)
  • It is important to distinguish between bike lanes (part of the roadway) and bike paths (part of the sidewalk). Could you add a bike path element on curb height and with sidewalk color?

Thanks a lot for your work


Thanks for the comments, Simon. I agree with all of your bullet points and these features are important to add to Streetmix! We have been quietly collecting similar feedback that would go into a roadmap for a professional version of Streetmix for later development.

I think your suggestion regarding bike paths at the sidewalk level would be a great addition in general. We’d be happy to add it when we can or accept contributions that can make this happen.



I would love to see this shared path as well