Is this GA for community development teams to use?


Hello - I attended the Streetmix workshop at the last Code for America Summit and could be interested in using
this tool in some upcoming community outreach events we have planned for next year. I work for
the City of Riverside. Anybody interested in chatting about how we could use this?

Steve Massa
[email protected]


Hi Steve,

I’ve recently used Streetmix with a Business Improvement District in New York City (Lower East Side Partnership) for community engagement. It’s been great to engage community members that won’t come to a long meeting, and also to get the public thinking more about their streets in general.

We used Streetmix as part of a community engagement project we did called Make Our Street. You can check out the project at We made a custom deployment for our use which took some more work, but anyone can use Streetmix (it doesn’t have to be a custom deployment).

I’m also trying to get some documentation of my experience working with Streetmix up online so that others like you have more to reference. Please do note though that this is an open source project and that I and everyone else is volunteering out of personal interest (so it’s not our day job). Nonetheless, I’d be happy to see if I can help in any way. Maybe someone else will see your post and respond as well.

All the best,
Trey Hahn
[email protected]