New street with custom width



Is it possible to make a request (get/post) with a width parameter, so that the new street starts with a fixed width?
This would be great to integrate streetmix with other tools




Hi Juan,
This is a good question. Can you elaborate a bit more? Also, you may get more responses by asking on our Slack (in the #tech channel). Right now, the Slack is generally more active than these forums.


Hi, Sure,

What I want to do is to deploy my own instance of streetmix. We have a map of the city where the available width can be fetched.

What we want is to do the following: Someone visits the city map and clicks on a street. Then the available width is passed to street mix so that the people can make their own design. Can we pass this info to streetmix so that the street is rightly configured, i.e with the right width?

best, juan
ps will post it also in slack


That sounds like an awesome project! You can definitely make a custom deployment of Streetmix, but it will likely take a little bit of work. I see you made it over to Slack so I’ll let the conversation continue there.