Not able to add new elements or move them around


There seems to be a bug happening that is preventing me from doing pretty much anything. I can add one new element to an empty street, and then my only option is to modify that one thing. I can’t add new things, and I can’t move elements around on already-made streets.
I seem to remember it being an easy drag and drop situation, but now, while I can still pick things up, the only place to drop them is in the delete box. (The other lanes don’t move aside or anything). I’ve tried in two different browsers so I don’t think it’s my computer, but let me know if there’s something else i need to try or enable or something.


i have the same problem, since yesterday, did you resolve it?


I have the same problem also!


Hi all, there was a bug in yesterday’s deploy that caused the street not to respond to drag/drop of segments. we’ve rolled back the site temporarily while we diagnose the problem. thanks for your patience and understanding! - Lou


Hey all, like @flickz said there was a bug. As of now though, the site should be fully functional. If you’re still having issues, please clear your browser cache/cookies.