NOTICE: We're removing the forums [UPDATE: no we're not]


Hey all!

As you know, feedback and hearing from our users is important to us. That being said, we want to make sure we’re not spreading ourselves too thin across multiple platforms to do so, since this project still just has a small number of contributors. In the beginning, we wanted to host these forums as a way of creating a community of users instead of having conversations be 1-on-1 over email. Over time, I think our needs have changed and as a result we are no longer hosting the forums. In a few weeks, we will be archiving all posts and shutting the forums down.

Instead, I would encourage you to join the conversation on our Discord server. You can invite yourself with this link: We’ve already switched our Slack chat to Discord, and now we’d like to centralize our various points of conversation to that platform. We will still depend on GitHub, and on GitHub issues, for code- and project-related communication, but for feedback, questions, comments, and discussion, I encourage everyone to check out the Discord.

Thanks for being here with us, and we hope to see you on Discord!




We’re actually going to be migrating to a free Discourse instance courtesy of their free-for-open-source program ( This will allow us to keep what we have here!