Parking width limit (clearways)


Please consider implementing a clearway option in the parking object, this will exceed the normal parking bay width though so might need to prevent width warning.

The link below is a real world version is Melbourne Australia. A pity google seems to blur out all the riders.


We also have (too) many roads with angle parking. Maybe consider option for vacant parking lane. As angle parking is not something that should be promoted but showing a parallel parked vehicle in an angle zone is just going to derail chances of any productive discussion.


I’m not too familiar with the term “clearway” (we don’t have them - or they’re not called this - in the U.S.) Are you talking about the Wikipedia definition of clearway where parking is not permitted, or the condition in your street view reference where there is a protected bike line between a lane of parallel parking and the curb?

If the latter, you can construct that out of the parts that are already available, eg.

There has been an experiment in the works for angled parking:


Yes the Wikipedia version (sorry didn’t realise the usage of the term clearway was limited). It’s a timed no stopping zone that functions as either parking or traffic/bus/hov lane. Wikipedia shows a couple of timed no stopping signs.

Keep up the good work by the way. :slight_smile:


Hey @uaf, we now have angled parking. Check it out!


Cool. Parking is underutilised on many streets and the debate about change in purpose is about perceived ownership and self interest vs safety of other people. Subtle drawing techniques such as drawing parked cars in a ghost outline or transparent can help to infer lack of permanence. Could you provide an option to show parked cars in a ghost outline or transparent?


That’s a great idea. We’re an open source project of mostly volunteers right now, and unfortunately we don’t have the bandwidth to do that. But if you can make it happen, I am happy to support where I can. It would require some coding knowledge. Take a look at Streetmix’s code on GitHub and you can create an issue or pull request for this.