Redeploying a Custom Streetmix



I’m working on a street visioning project with a nonprofit BID in New York City, and am trying to make a custom deployment of Streetmix for the project. Simultaneously a colleague and I are working on doing Spanish and Chinese translations of Streetmix and are trying to incorporate them into a “lite” translated version that we’re deploying in the short term, and help translate Streetmix fully in the long term.

Right now I’m running into some hiccups trying to do the technical stuff to actually deploy it on Heroku (I’m not a developer, but I do have some programming and general tech skills). Could anyone offer troubleshooting help with this? If so I can definitely go into more detail about the situation. Any guidance would definitely be very appreciated!



Hi Trey,

I’m pretty new at Streetmix and haven’t deployed it yet, so I believe @lou is the person that will be able to help You with Heroku. He also reside in NYC so there is even possibility that You could meet offline.

Regarding translation that’s great, that You are working on Spanish and Chinese - it would be event beter, if You will upload Yours translation into our main repository. We are translating Streetmix on Transifex ( If You would have any further questions, dont hesitate to ask.



Ok, I saw that You are already added to Transifex. :thumbsup:


Hi Tomasz,

Thanks! Yeah, I met with Lou last week actually. He’s busy traveling right now, which is another reason to ask on the forums. And yes, I am adding it the translations to Transifex and I hope that in the relatively near future the Spanish (and possibly Chinese) versions of Streetmix are completely translated.



Hi again,

I just want to mention that at least right now Streetmix do not support all translated strings. We are in the middle of moving to React and during this work we will adding support for translations, so please, be aware of that.

And of course if You want to help with that also, feel more then invited.


Ok, thanks for letting me know! I have a lot to keep me busy for now, but if I have more time later to try to help with that I’ll let you know.