Request: Concrete Barricade


It would be great to have the option of selecting a concrete barrier as a buffer option (vs bollards). They can be used to separate traffic directions on heavy arterials,and I’ve seen them used to separate a cycle track from car lanes.

This link provides a diagram:

And more information is available here:

This website provides diagrams with dimensions for 3 variations, a F Shape barrier, a Jersey barrier, and a constant slope barrier.

Perhaps a separate object type to buffers could be added, a barrier section, and you could choose from the 3 types?


Oops, I forgot the third link, that provides the 3 different diagrams, it’s perhaps the easiest / best resource.


Hey @itsjim84,

Sorry for it taking so long for someone to respond to you! I appreciate you posting about this, it’d be a good feature to add.

Unfortunately, we do not have any paid staff and are volunteers supporting Streetmix in our spare time (hence why it took so long for someone to respond). Are you or anyone you know familiar with Javascript coding at all? If you are able to spend some time to kickstart this feature and get it up on Streetmix, that’d be great. Check out these links and let me know if I can help with anything: --> where the code is and where changes are made --> join the Slack channel to talk to more Streetmix community members and get people to help you