Request: Disused Railway (as option to light rail)


I need to model what is before I can model what should be…

This is no doubt a common problem across north America …

We have a railway that has 1 1 freight car train a day on our Island. I would like to model the railway ROW as it is, as it can be quickly, and as it can be in the future -

But I need an empty railway to start with.


This is more optimistic than reality:


Hey Trent, thanks for posting! Glad you are making use of Streetmix for modeling the before/after of a ROW on your island. Is your question asking if there is the ability to choose an empty railway as a segment?


I see in the code and the public instance that it is not an option. It should be. I don’t understand the code structure enough yet to make it so.


I think it would be great to have as an option as well. I’ve filed an issue on GitHub here.


This is a great idea. Keep up the great work