Request: Parking with tree behind car


Would it be possible to add an option of having a tree in the background of the parking? I’m an engineer and we are evaluating several road diets sections where the right of way is constrained and one of the ways that we are able introduce a tree canopy is to plant a tree every one to two on-street parking spaces.

The current parking symbol makes the parking look like only asphalt. The use of trees in parallel parking can frame the street really well and provide for a wider sidewalk. Having the trees with the parking would also be very useful in a 3D view.


Hey Erik,

This is a great question- thanks for asking! This is a great feature to add, and we are working on it now. However, Streetmix is an Open Source Project and we are all a group of volunteers doing this, so sometimes things can move slow.

Are you or anyone you know familiar with Javascript coding at all? We have a github page with many of the next technical contributions for Streetmix. We’d love for you to participate and invite others to as well!

In the meantime until this feature is added to Streetmix, there is a Dutch planning firm that recently launched their own custom version of Streetmix that has a segment type that I think could be useful for you. Take a look:

Also, Kieran Farr is working on a 3D version of Streetmix. It’s still in progress but check it out here:

Thanks again for reaching out and thanks as well for explaining your background/context a bit. It’s great to hear about how Streetmix is being used. Please post again if you have any more questions!