Request: Top-down view


This would add a whole new dimension, and might not be feasible at present, but a top-down view would be fantastic. Additionally, having multiple frames would be great. For example, frame one might be part of the street, frame two would be down the street a little, say, a parking lane gives way to a transit shelter. The top down view could better reflect this.


Hi Matty, I’m working on a project that renders a 3D version of a Streetmix street. It can be used to make a top-down rendering. Try it here:



Hi, thanks for trying to create a top-down view of StreetMix creations. I agree that it would be a very useful feature. Thus, I just wanted to share some feedback in the event that it may help you or others. The above image was what was created by your software when I pasted by streetmix link to your referenced git-hub site. I’ll post the Streetmix image momentarily. If there’s anyway I can assist with making this feature a reality, please do let me know.


Thanks for your work on this project Kfarr!


Hi Pedestrianism, if I’m understanding your post correctly you’re showing off that the 3D rendering does not match the 2D version?

Thanks for sharing. For sure, the support for all of the “segment” types from 2D to 3D is not yet complete. It looks like you’re using a “dividersegment with a “variant” of planting strip, that has not yet been created.

For a full list of which segments are supported so far check out this link:

I’d welcome additions of segment and variant types that aren’t yet supported. So far I’ve just been using MagicaVoxel to create the base segment then export them as OBJ files. Those can be found in this directory:

MagicaVoxel is a free, easy to use 3D modeling tool:

Each 3D version of a segment has a default width that it is designed for. Then the width is modified larger or smaller to match the specific Streetmix street that is loaded.

In this example, you could open the sidewalk.vox file from the Streetmix3D repo, then change the sidewalk to grass with green voxels. You can even make a tree if you’d like.

Another tool just released that may be helpful for designing segments and variants is Google’s “Blocks” app, but it requires a VR headset to use:


Hey @Pedestrianism-

Thanks for bringing this up. This is a highly requested feature that would be great to have! @kfarr is doing some great work on a 3D Streetmix, and if you are able to work with him that’d be great.

Slack is another place where the Streetmix community discusses and makes progress on features and projects like these. If you have time and would like to participate, please join the Slack channel. Streetmix is an Open Source Project and we’re all volunteers doing this in our spare time. We’d all love for users to get involved, so please bring your skills and ideas and let’s make Streetmix better!

Thanks again for posting and don’t hesitate to reach out to me or the forums about anything else.



And, Kieran is talking about his 3D project on the #3D Streetmix Slack channel as well. So definitely join that to get in touch with him more!