Save and Load new streets



I am new to street mix. I was wondering if I could create a specific version of street,save it and then reload it so that i can share that to other folks?


Hi Raj,

Absolutely. Every street created in Streetmix has a unique url. Look at url displayed in your browser- it should have a number such as “532490”–> that is your unique identifier. If you enter that url in any web browser, you will be able to access that street. Additionally, you can find this url by clicking the “share” button in the top right corner. Clicking that button will also give you the option to share on social media and save the street as an image. See screenshot below:

Hope that helps and let us know if you have any other questions.



Hi Trey,

This is really helpful! Thanks a lot for your quick reply!!



No problem! When you’re done, reply here and let the Streetmix Community know how you end up using Streetmix. It’s always great to see where the tool is being used and for what purposes. Thanks!


Of course! Currently we are trying to use it in the design process. We haven’t completely thought about the workflow. Before starting we wanted to know if the design can be shared. Once we start using it I can share how we use it!